It’s getting verrrry cool out, so I don’t think my outdoor plants will last much longer. My basil thrived this summer, but it’s time to strip all the leaves before the frost kills it. And of course an excess of basil leaves means… a double batch of pesto! Continue reading


Spinach, Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

Beets are a new love of mine. When I was little, I found them overwhelmingly “earthy”, a.k.a. I thought they tasted like dirt. As I’ve grown a tad older, I find that their sweetness stands out more and more. I’ve been seeing a lot of beet salads on menus lately, so I wanted to try my own take on the concept – and take advantage of my new love of this sweet veg! Continue reading

Mushroom Phyllo Rolls

Sometimes I feel left out. It seems I’m the only person on earth who doesn’t like mushrooms. I can handle them if they’re finely chopped and spread throughout a dish, so really it’s mostly a texture thing – I actually like the flavour! So I tried to invent an appetizer for my friends’ get together that balanced their love for mushrooms and my intense dislike of the texture. I settled on making a hybrid – the filling taken from my boyfriend’s aunt’s pinwheels, and my own phyllo wrapping that would add a crunch to the mushroom mix. Here’s what I came up with: Continue reading

Simple Tomato Salad

I’ve been trying to soak up the last little bits of summer, so I’ve been seeking out some of that classic summer produce. I managed to pick up the cutest selection of baby tomatoes – not really cherry, or grape… a whole mix of shapes and sizes. So I did what I do with the season’s best tomatoes – I eat them raw in a simple tomato salad. This is a basic recipe that is so versatile – as a side to a meat dish, tossed into hot pasta, tucked into a sandwich, or just by itself. Continue reading

Bailey’s Espresso Icebox Cake

The other day, it was a real scorcher – one of those days that was 30-ish degrees but the humidity made it feel like 40. I wanted to prepare a dessert for my friends’ party the next day, but I was NOT going to turn that oven on! I had a look around the internet and found a couple recipes for icebox cakes – which are apparently a no-bake American childhood favourite. I got inspiration from a couple recipes (from Yumsugar and Barefoot Contessa) but as usual, I couldn’t help but tweak it a bit! Continue reading

Review: Barbara’s Fig Bars

It’s definitely back-to-school time, you can just feel it in the air. Our neighbourhood is a favourite for university students, so I’ve seen plenty of U-Hauls and El Cheapo moving vans around lately. Even now that I’m out of school, September just has this… feel to it. Part exciting new beginnings, part sadness that summer’s over, and part nervousness for what’s to come. Continue reading

Cheese Tortellini with Creamy Pumpkin Sauce

During my quest to finish up the frozen pumpkin in our freezer, I really wanted to try a savory recipe. I’ve often seen swanky restaurants and chefs on tv combining pumpkin and pasta, but this was the first time I tried it – and I loved it! Just remember to use the pure pumpkin purée, not the sweetened and spiced pumpkin pie filling! Continue reading