Miso-Marinated Cod in Broth

Apologies for being MIA, my laptop was on the fritz just before Christmas, so it only got fixed recently. Luckily, the awesome guys at Laptop Expert managed to salvage my files.

I figured I’d start off the new year with a healthy recipe – something that’ll work with those resolutions (if they’re still on the go)! It’s still warm, filling, and tasty, so it’s not one of those recipes that’s like rabbit food. It’s actually a New York Times recipe with a couple adjustments, and made with the assistance of my boyfriend.

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Spinach, Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

Beets are a new love of mine. When I was little, I found them overwhelmingly “earthy”, a.k.a. I thought they tasted like dirt. As I’ve grown a tad older, I find that their sweetness stands out more and more. I’ve been seeing a lot of beet salads on menus lately, so I wanted to try my own take on the concept – and take advantage of my new love of this sweet veg! Continue reading