Asiago Artichoke Dip

DSC_0200My gluten-intolerant friend was having a potluck this past winter and I was in a bit of a pickle. A lot of great ideas were already taken (she made a lasagna using rice noodles!) and everything I could think of had meat in it (the guest list was full of vegetarians!). A cheesy gluten-free vegetarian dip seemed like a good solution, so I tweaked the recipes I found online until they fit!

First, I finely chopped a medium onion and grated all the cheese. OK I cheated a bit, the asiago I bought was actually a 175g bag of shredded asiago… but I grated the cup of parmesan myself!

Melt 2 tbsp butter in a saucepan and saute the onion with 5 minced cloves of garlic until golden. I also added some garlic pepper and (vegetarian!) bacon salt.

While the onion and garlic were sauteeing, I chopped a green onion. I also drained 2 jars (about 300-400 ml each) of artichoke hearts and roughly chopped them.

I added 3/4 of the parmesan to the pot, then stirred in about 3/4 of a cup of cream. I turned the heat down because it was bubbling too vigorously. I then stirred it thoroughly, making sure to scrape the tasty bits off the bottom of the pan. Stirring, I added the artichokes and scallions.

Stirring scallions into the asiago artichoke dip

I set aside an equal amount of shredded asiago as the parm I set aside. I stirred in the rest of the asiago until melted, one handful at a time so it incorporated smoothly. In a separate bowl, I sprinkled 1/4 cup sour cream with about 2 tsp corn starch, and mixed thoroughly. I then stirred the sour cream mixture into the dip (this will keep the dip from separating at room temperature, after it has baked).

Stirring the sour cream mixture into the asiago artichoke dip

I finished the whole she-bang with a squirt of lemon and gave it a taste, adjusting seasoning as required. I poured the whole mixture into an oven proof dish (mine’s a half-size of the standard lasagna dish, and it fit perfectly). Everything was topped evenly with all the cheese that was set aside, then covered with plastic wrap and refrigerated overnight. 


At party time, I baked it at 375 for about half an hour or until it was bubbly and gooey. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera – so there’s no after photo! You’ll just have to imagine it golden brown and delicious!

The dip did separate a bit (probably because I used corn starch instead of flour, but I tried to do a quick substitute because the birthday girl is gluten-free). If that hadn’t been a concern, would’ve stuck to flour (likely made a roux) and it may have held together better. Delicious regardless!


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